Fair Frenzy

What an exciting (and exhausting) November!  

It was a craft fair frenzy.  During a time when most craft events have been cancelled, home-made enthusiasts were chomping at the bit to get their Christmas shopping on.  The little fire hall was filled with a masked community who came out to support local craft vendors. 

This was just one of many firsts this year.... my first craft fair.  In May, I began selling my cards at Card Zen by Jen on Facebook to give my family and friends a safe alternative to grocery store cards.  Truth be told, my love of stamping created an abundance of cards and I needed to support my habit. But a fair gave me the chance to show the quality products that Stampin' Up! offers.  After all, anybody can do what I do with the right products, tools and some really good instruction.  I won't lie, I learned from the best.

Now on to the frenzy!!!  Anybody who knows me knows that I can go a little overboard.  I don't do anything half-way.  Even if I screw it up, it will be with my whole effort.  Here are some photos of my craft cave in chaos!! It wasn't pretty.

 I worked till midnight during the weeks leading up to the fair to make sure that I had a good mixture of cards and other items for sale.  My poor husband tried to reign me in but after 16 years, he knows my drive and stubbornness.  Even the dogs gave up on me.

In the end, I nervously showed up to the fire hall early that morning with 168 cards.  This is no small feat given that I usually spend no less than an hour on each card. Oh, did I tell you I had shoulder surgery the end of July??  Yeah, that's another story altogether! 

Will I do it again?  I will, but in my own way. I love sharing my creations.  I couldn't hide my enthusiasm even with the mask on my face. 

The stamping, the creating, the sharing - I love it! 

So why just share the finished product? It's time to share the journey.  

Welcome to my Stampin' Up! adventure!

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