Quick Tip - Creating Animal Prints


The strips of zebra and giraffe prints made this African themed card come together!  It was a special request for a neighbor...the challenge was that she wanted the zebra and giraffe prints and Stampin'   Up!® didn't have any DSP (designer series paper) at the time with giraffes and zebras. 

I had to get a little creative. And THAT is what I love to do. 

I started to feel like MacGyver or the NASA team when they have to make something out of whatever is in the room. And then it came to me.  Embossing folders!!  No, I didn't ink my embossing folders! (I've done it before though and it is quite messy.) 

Follow along on this quick video and see how truly easy it was to create these animal prints!  You will be hooked!

**** Please note that the Timber 3D folder is re-appearing in the upcoming Jan-Jun 2022 catalog.  I said that it would reappear in the annual catalog in the video.  I was wrong.... it happens sometimes!!

So grab your Hammered Metal and Timber folders and let's make something fun!!!  Be sure to send me a pic! Otherwise, I just feel left out. 

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