Covered Notebooks


Covered with He's the Man DSP 
and decorated with Trees for Sale dies.

 Take a $1 notebook and turn it into a great gift! 

Just look what you can do!! Let me show you how easy it is to recover your notebook! 

Dollar Store Notebooks

Covered with Sun PrintsDSP and retired DSP
and decorated with Eden and Blossoming Happiness dies.

I have been wanting to do this for years and couldn't figure it out.  I bought the retired notebook punch from Stampin' Up! thinking that it would work.... Nope.    But this works, every time.....

Items needed:

  • Cheap notebook (Seriously, I paid $1 the local Family Dollar.)
  • Hole paper punch 
  • Stampin' Seal + adhesive or tape runner
  • Temporary adhesive

  • Carefully tear a piece of paper out of the notebook.  It's okay, they won't know that there are only 59 sheets instead of 60. Trust me.

  • Pick the DSP that you want to use. Then line up the left edge of your sheet to the left edge of your DSP.  (Make sure that the side of DSP that you want to show on the FRONT of your notebook is facing UP.)  Use a temporary adhesive to adhere it - lightly!

  • Use your hole punch and punch each hole using the notebook sheet as the template. You may have carpal tunnel syndrome by the time you make several of these..... do a few at a time!  No crafting injuries!   (If you grabbed a notebook from Staples with the tiny holes, you will need a smaller hole punch.  I found that the $1 notebooks work the best as the holes are a little bigger.) 

  • Separate the papers and roll off the temporary adhesive. Now snip the left edge of the DSP into the holes.

  • Use your fingers or something smaller to push the DSP down over the notebook spirals.

  • Now add your adhesive to the front of your notebook and carefully turn over your DSP "page", align and press down.

  • Trim off the excess DSP around the Notebook cover.

  • It is THAT easy!!!
  • If you want to cover the back, just use that same notebook sheet for the template again.  Follow the instructions but this time, you want to make sure that the side of the DSP that you want to show on the back of your notebook is facing DOWN before you punch your holes.

Now decorate it any way you like.  These make great camping journals, prayer journals, gratitude gifts.  Makes a perfect gift for those in personal care homes or maybe even for your kid at college!


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