Quick Tip Tuesday - Hold my Glue!!!

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 I love using the Tombow liquid glue and it is just $4 through Stampin' Up!®. I go through about 2-3 tubes a month!

When I am putting my cards together, I don't want to be bothered to screw the lid back on. That takes two hands and usually my other hand is holding my paper. If I just lay it on it's side on my craft table, then I have to wait for the glue to run back down to the bottom when I need it again. Forget it!!!

I started looking for a solution.. some friends just put it upside down in a shot glass and let the glue run out of it.... I am WAY too cheap for that....frugal, we will call it frugal. So, here is my solution that has been doing the job for the past year!

Here's an inexpensive (and fun) way to create a glue holder. You can even personalize it- have fun!

Join me next week, when I teach you how to debone a chicken.

Just kidding, who has time for cooking while we are having so much fun stamping???

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  1. What an excellent idea!! I will certainly try this! I really enjoy your unique and clever tips! Keep up the good work!



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